Before You Prepare for the Exam

Before you begin your exam preparation, speak with your school’s advising or admissions department about their credit awarding policy. Check if your school awards credit for DSST exams »

The DSST exams were developed to enable schools to award credit to students for knowledge equivalent to that learned by students taking the course. The school may choose to award college credit to the student based on the achievement of a passing score. The ultimate passing score for each examination is determined by the school. The DSST program provides schools with a recommended passing score established by a national committee of college faculty who teach these courses. The DSST program is approved by the American Council on Education (ACE), and the ACE provides both a recommended passing score and a recommended number of credits that could be awarded to successful students. Some schools set their own standards for awarding credit and may require a higher score than the ACE recommendation. Make sure to obtain this information from the institution from which you expect to receive credit.

Testing Accommodations

A full list of the services and accommodations available can be accessed by reading our Testing Accommodations brochure. Requests for testing accommodations must be reasonable, approved (based upon appropriate documentation) and scheduled prior to a test taker appearing for an examination. Please provide your institution with the approved testing accommodation confirmation email prior to scheduling an exam.

Official Test Preparation Partners

Peterson's is a longtime partner with Prometric and supplies proven test preparation for DSST tests for military members and funded civilians. The partnership helps members of the military and their families excel in both continuing education and enhancing their future. Peterson's tools are available through the NKO, AKO, MilitaryOneSource, and many other websites. Visit Peterson's DoD website for more information.
Prometric has partnered with iStudySmart to provide practice tests and courses in subject areas that correspond with DSST exams. Practice exams in most subjects are available and will enable learners to see whether they possess the level of knowledge necessary to pass a specific DSST exam prior to actually taking it. As each DSST exam is revised, so is the corresponding fact sheet and practice exam. Visit for more information!

Prometric does not endorse any third party test preparation material outside of what's described above, nor is responsible for the test outcome. Using all or any of the provided preparation materials outlined below will put you in the best position possible to pass your exam and earn college credit. Good luck, and happy studying!

DSST Online Practice Exams

Practice exams in most DSST subjects are available and will enable you to see whether you possess the level of knowledge necessary to pass a specific DSST exam prior to actually taking it.

Although the DSST online practice exam questions do not indicate the full range of difficulty you would find in an actual DSST exam, they will help you assess your knowledge level. They also help you get familiar with the online testing tool as they are built in the same environment as the actual DSST exams.

You can purchase DSST online practice exams at (You must select "DSST Practice Exams" as the Test Provider or Program).


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